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Hello, I'm Harmony!

I love helping people look and feel their best! My passion is all things hair and makeup. What I LOVE most is sharing any tips and tricks I have that may help other women! I was a hairstylist for 15 plus years and since I work from home now, I get to share my knowledge with ALL of you! I am an independent Seint Artist and have been using and selling their makeup for over 6 years now! I would never recommend something I don't love, so it makes my job easy! 

I have two beautiful children and an incredible husband who I love spending time with. You can either find us at the lake, camping, snowboarding, or just hanging at home with our 3 dogs Rugar, Rip and Zip! Put me anywhere with my family and I am happy! 

Take a look around my website or check out my social media (found in the links below). I hope there's something here that helps everyone! 

🖤 Harm

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